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This site is developed and maintained by The Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon (CATO).

Education Tech Points is a framework for thinking about and addressing a student's need for assistive technology (AT) and was developed by Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed. The Education Tech Points framework includes guidance for team members working with students with disabilities and implications for school districts as they develop or improve their AT services. Each Education Tech Point identifies specific times within the planning and provision of specially designed instruction that the need for assistive technology (both devices and services) should be considered. Education Tech Points offer a way to integrate assistive technology into the thinking of IEP/IFSP teams and into the management system that each school district uses to ensure provision of appropriate services to children with disabilities.

In 2023, the CATO board of directors made the decision to offer the content of the Education Tech Point manual as free downloads. There are seven education tech points. Each chapter in Education Tech Points A Framework for Assistive Technology, can be accessed through the following links:

Additional Chapters in the manual include:

The Education Tech Points website also includes several publications designed for audiences such as families and students. All of them, as well as other resources to support the work of assistive technology teams are available from the Publications tab on this website.

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