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Education Tech Points is a framework for thinking about and addressing a student's need for assistive technology (AT). The Education Tech Points framework includes tips for the team members working with students with disabilities and implications for school districts as they develop or improve their AT services. The Education Tech Points were developed by Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed who are the authors of publications about them for various audiences. The Education Tech Points are:

  • Education Tech Point #1-Consideration and Referral
  • Education Tech Point #2-Evaluation
  • Education Tech Point #3-Trial Period
  • Education Tech Point #4-Plan Development
  • Education Tech Point #5-Implementation
  • Education Tech Point #6-Periodic Review
  • Education Tech Point #7-Transition

There are several publications about the Education Tech Point concept. Some of them are available on this site under CATO Publications for purchase and some are free downloads. There are also a number of other resources related to Education Tech Points that are free to download from this website.

This site is developed and maintained by CATO, the Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon. All proceeds from the sale of Education Tech Point materials go to provide AT for children with disabilities in Oregon through a grant program.