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About CATO

The Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon (CATO) is a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. CATO was founded in 1989 in response to an urgent need to increase access to assistive technology (AT) for children. Children with disabilities can acquire new skills and more fully participate in the lives of their families and communities when they use AT.  But many had no way to acquire the technology they needed for use at home.  While AT equipment may be available at school, there was and still is a need for resources to help families of children with disabilities acquire AT equipment for use at home.

CATO provided assistive technology to Oregon children with disabilities and their families through a long-term loan program.  To qualify for a long-term AT loan from CATO a team of people who were familiar with the child agreed to support the AT use, provided evidence of a successful trial period with the equipment and submitted data to demonstrate that the technology had the potential to make a difference for the child.

CATO raised funds to purchase AT Devices for the loan and grant programs  through the sale of publications (e.g., Education Tech Points, Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents, ABC Quick Sheets).  Funds for were also acquired through collaborations with foundations, training events sponsored by CATO and. through cash and equipment donations.

CATO no longer provides these grants.

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