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Assessing Your Needs

The first step in determining if any changes in AT services are necessary is to complete an assessment of them. These tools can be helpful in this beginning step.

  • The ABCs of Effective Administrator Support for AT Services-What does effective administrative support look like? The ABCs of Effective Administrator Support for AT quick sheet includes signs of excellent administrative support as well as red flags. It suggests specific actions that administrators can include in their routine activities such as day-to-day management, classroom observations, talking with teachers, and running staff meetings.
  • Education Tech Points Profile of AT Services in Schools-This self assessment tool is based on the Education Tech Points. The ETP Profile of AT Services in Schools offers functional, concrete statements to help you determine where your AT services are working well and where they may need improvement.
  • Quality Indicators Self-Evaluation Matrix-a set of self-assessment matrices have been developed to accompany the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology that are included in Resources to Design AT Services. The Self-Assessment Matrices for Quality Indicators are designed to allow individual service providers and school districts to assess their current practices and plan for improvement.
  • AT Plan for Change Form-AT teams may find that they need to focus their attention on what form they want their services to take. The AT plan for Change form can help them develop a step-by-step plan.
  • Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet--This Team Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet can be helpful in thinking about what you currently do and how you may want to change roles and responsibilities.
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