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Resources for AT Consideration

There is a wide variety of tools and items that can be assistive technology for a given student and new ones are constantly being developed. It is useful to have a way to organize your thinking about potential tools and a few resources to turn to when you want to consider them. Here are some good ones.

  • ABCs of Effective AT Consideration- This CATO two-page document is designed for teams to use to reflect on and improve their AT consideration activities.  Page two of the ABCs of Effective Consideration guide includes an action checklist that can be used during an IEP meeting or to review the process after an IEP meeting during which AT was considered.
  • Continuums from the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)-This list of potential AT tools was updated in 2017. WATI AT Continuums 2017 is a very comprehensive list of AT tools arranged by the task for which their are used.
  • AT Classroom blog-Glenda Hampton Anderson’s blog is full of useful, easily understood information about AT. She includes information on a variety of technology tools arranged under tabs for: writing, reading, math, accessibility, visual supports, AAC, switches, tables, and general AT.
  • Assistive technology on Pinterest-Rather than a direct link to a specific page or item, our suggestion is that you join Pinterest and search using “Assistive Technology”. There are many helpful posts at However, it can get overwhelming, so if you are new to AT, start with either the GPAT AT Resource Guide or the WATI AT Continuums above.
  • Feature Match Videos - Feature matching is the process of looking at the needs of a student with disabilities and thinking about what features a tool must have in order to help that student do a needed task. This play list of videos by Kelly Fonner and others provide a robust look at Feature Matching and how it can help an AT team determine what AT might be helpful for a student.
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004-the official website for IDEA 2004 as well as other sites such as WrightsLaw can be a resource to ensure you include services that are legal and defensible. Search specifically for assistive technology within both of these sites.
  • Sample district AT procedure. This SampleDistATProcedure is one-page document that guides teams initial AT discussions.
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