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Forms to Guide AT Implementation

The Implementation Tech Point requires specific and concrete planning if an individual and the team that supports that individual are to be successful at this stage of the process.  Here are a variety of forms to guide implementation planning.  They have varying levels of specificity to help your plan with your AT Team.

  • Administrator's AT Implementation Checklist: Administrators can use the Administrators AT Implementation Checklist as a rubric of things to look for when they are reviewing AT classroom use and inclusion in instruction.
  • The AT Data Plan- helps a team determine the change that AT may help a student make, the data that the team will collect and plan for AT use.
  • AT Management Questionnaire: Teams use the AT Management Questionnaire in initial planning for an individual’s AT use. It offers general lists of questions about student training, equipment management, and staff and family training needs that can help the team get off to a good start with AT use.
  • AT Implementation Organizer: Originally designed for use by teams working with outside consultants,  the AT Implementation Organizer helps teams develop a comprehensive list of the goals for AT use as well as timelines and actions that must be taken by various members of an individual’s AT team.
  • Classroom procedure plan form: The Classroom Procedure Plan addresses the ways that AT will be used in a specific daily activity or routine.  Use of this form helps the team plan the specifics about what the student needs to do during a daily routine or activity, the equipment/materials needed and the things staff will do to support the student’s use of AT.
  • Skills for AT Competence:  When the team has selected AT for a student, there are still many things that students and staff must learn.  The Skills for AT Competence form helps the team determine new things that the student needs to learn in order to be an effective user of AT.
  • Activities Scheduling Matrix: Teams can use this simple chart called  the Activities Scheduling Matrix to identify times within an individual’s day when specific goals will be addressed. The chart can be used to highlight activities that require the use of AT.
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