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Forms to Guide the Development of Plans that Include AT

The Education Tech Point for Plan Development focuses on documenting AT in a student's plan in such a way that anyone reading it can understand what the agency is committing to provide and what they are hoping the child will accomplish over the next year. School districts and early childhood agencies have many different forms to use when developing their IEPs and IFSPs. No matter what the format a school district's IEP/IFSP form may take, there are critical factors that must be addressed if AT is to be effectively included. Here are forms to guide the writing of AT into the IEP.

  • AT in the IEP Goal Planning-The AT in IEP Goal Planning Template is a simple form to guide the writing of clear and effective goals for tasks that include the use of AT.
  • AT in the IEP Checklist-The AT in the IEP Checklist is a tool to help review and evaluate IEPs or IFSPs for compliance, comprehensiveness, and clarity.
  • Questions to Facilitate AT Decision Making-The Questions to Facilitate AT Decision Making can help IEP teams organize their discussions as they consider a student's need for AT.
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