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Forms to Guide Periodic Review of AT

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The Education Tech Point for Periodic Review refers to the need to regularly monitor the student's progress. It can take many formats. It may be a scheduled review by the classroom team working with the student, a formal evaluation as needed for the IEP for a three year re-evaluation, or simply an informal walk through the classroom.  These forms may be useful.

  • The Classroom AT Walk Through is a form to help an administrator look at classroom organization, the student's level of participation, evidence of rules and procedures, and the types of skills the student will need in order to effectively use the AT.
  • The Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology has a variety of forms including¬† Plan for Evaluation of Effectiveness, that is designed to guide the team through an effective process for determining whether the AT is helping the student to make the desired progress.
  • The National Assistive Technology in Education (NATE) Network website has a variety of forms that service providers have designed to use in collecting data about a student's use of AT. Some of these forms may be useful.