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Making Changes in AT service delivery

Planning and carrying out a successful program change can be intimidating. Leadership and support from administrators is a critical component of successful change.

  • Administrative Support-No matter what method you choose to make changes in your service delivery, it cannot happen without administrative support. The Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) include a set of indicators about administrative support. The guiding document for Administrative Support contains examples of the important role it plays in the delivery of quality AT services.
  • Improvement Science-One approach to changing the way services are delivered is to use the techniques of Improvement Science, a disciplined approach to educational innovation that supports teachers, leaders, and researchers in collaborating to solve specific problems of practice.
  • Implementation Science-Another approach to effective change is Implementation Science. It is defined as the study of factors that influence the full and effective use of innovations in practice. The National Implementation Research Network based at the University of North Carolina provides a myriad of resources for implementing new programs.
  • Leadership: Making Quality AT Services Sustainable-This module on Leadership is one of the Texas AT Network set of training materials. The Texas AT Network training modules focus on topics central to the provision of AT services. They all contain a powerpoint presentation, presenter notes, a note taking guide and a resource guide.
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