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Resources for Periodic Review of AT

One of the challenges of reviewing the impact of the use of AT is in deciding what data needs to be collected, when and how to collect it, and who will do it.

  • The How Do You Know It, How Can You Show It manual provides more than 30 different stories of students and specific examples of how their team collected and used data. It also describes the basic steps in deciding how and when to collect data.
  • The Supervisor's_Tip_Sheet_for_Assessing Staff Performance can be used by a building principal or special education administrator to help them focus on the things they need to know in order to effectively assess a teacher's implementation and management of AT. It includes tips that can be useful before a formal observation, during a formal observation, during informal contact, and during staff meetings. it can help administrators infuse AT concepts into their routine observations and other supervision activities.
  • iEvaluate App Rubric (Van Houten, 2011). The iEvaluate App Rubric developed by Jeannette Van Houten helps to evaluate apps for handheld devices to determine if they will be valuable for use by the student.
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