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Training Materials for Periodic Review of AT

Periodic review is the timely evaluation of how the student is progressing with the use of AT. It should occur at least as often as the progress of all students is measured. Training materials on the periodic review of AT use include:

  • Classroom Assessment that includes AT Use-Most teachers are familiar with classroom assessment approaches, but may have questions about how to implement those approaches when a student uses AT to complete academic tasks. Monitor That Progress provides timely suggestions.
  • Maryland Learning Links Website-this website offers several short videos that can be used as part of training about monitoring the progress of a student's use of AT.
  • The AT Internet Modules include a brief explanation of progress monitoring and how it can be effective in determining how the student is doing with his AT. It is contained in their module on AT Supports and Services in the IEP. (Note: If you have already signed up with the AT Internet Modules, the link will take you directly to the module dashboard for the IEPmodule. If you have not yet signed up, go ahead and do that. There is no charge and they do not share your name with anyone else. Then investigate the many modules available.)
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