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Training Materials for AT Transition


If you are interested in offering direct training about AT to groups of individuals concerned about AT Transitions, these resources may be of assistance.

  • OCALI AT Transitions Module-Part of the OCALI series of training modules about AT, the Transition Module offers a 45 minute tutorial-style module about the three important aspects of transitions that include AT. This stand-alone module can be completed by anyone who creates an OCALI account.  University credit is available for OCALI modules for an additional fee.
  • Supporting Transitions of AT Users- A TATN training module that includes participant slides, presenter slides and scripts as well as videos and supplemental resources about transitions for students who use AT.  Supporting Transition of AT Users offers a free downloadable training module.
  • QIAT Transition Webinar:  AbleNet University- Part of the QIAT webinar series offered by the QIAT Leadership Team.  Visit the AbleNet University sit to find the QIAT Transition Webinar.
  • QIAT-PS Webinars from AbleNet University-AbleNet university offers many free online webinars about the uses of AT.  Visit the site to find the following webinars which focus on Transition
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