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General AT Resources teams begin to explore AT for a student with a disability,  a common question is "How do we know what AT is available"?  The following resources will help you to get started and offer a basic understanding of AT to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of students with disabilities.

  • The ABCs of Understanding Assistive Technology-This downloadable "quick sheet" is a handy reference to introduce someone to AT.  The ABCs of Understanding Assistive Technology provides examples of AT use and includes continua of tools for reading, composition/spelling, handwriting, math, studying/information management, computer access and communication. These continua can be a good starting point for understanding the breadth of AT.
  • AbleNet University Webinars-AbleNet University provides a wide variety of live and recorded webinars about topics related to assistive technology devices and assistive technology services.  Visit the AbleNet University site and search for your topic.  Once you have found webinars of interest, you can watch on demand and download accompanying handouts.
  • Assistive Technology Internet Modules- The OCALI project at the University of Ohio hosts a large number of Assistive Technology Internet Modules which describe a range of devices which may be of assistance to individuals with a variety of disabilities.  Training modules are organized by functional area and the user can find modules about AT for a range of issues from Math to Mobility.  Visit the ATIM site for easily accessible online information about assistive technology.
  • Closing the Gap Resource Directory- A good place to start when learning about assistive technology is the Closing the Gap Resource Directory. It includes descriptions of thousands of products including both hardware and software. It is regularly updated and has a search feature that can be useful when searching for specific types of products.
  • Iris Module-Peabody College at Vanderbilt University has produce the IRIS Module to offer a basic overview of assistive technology process for people unfamiliar with AT.  Appropriate for college students, general education teachers and others who are new to AT, the module uses a self-paced cast study mode to discuss AT.
  • National Assistive Technology in Education (NATE) Network- The Research Tab on the NATE Network website lists multiple research-based studies which discuss the efficacy and appropriate uses of assistive technology.  When you visit the NATE Network site,  click on the AT Research tab to see the categories of AT research summaries available in this location.
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